I am okay

This week I had a final session with my therapist .It was my decision, It felt like the right time. Looking back therapy really helped me see myself in a sort of new light. I am the same person of course, but I feel I’m learning to manage my life in a healthier way. When […]


Trigger ahead. Trauma. I remember the sensation of the cold knife on my back, all over my spine . In that moment I felt there was an immediate risk for my life. It was then when my soul left my body and I was left lying there like a corpse. It felt like my body […]

Say what you will

I’m growing. I’m more at ease with being a mum. I have an excellent relationship with panda’s dad. I’m good at my job. My boss trusts me, he’s pushing me outside my comfort zone and let me achieve small wins all on my own. I guess in a way I’m better in relationships too. I’m […]

Friday Thoughts

Life’s been pretty good to me lately. After nearly five months of unemployment I finally got a job! It’s been almost two months now and I’m really pleased. I have a lot of responsibility, great manager, awesome colleagues and a company that actually cares for its employees. Life’s been pretty good in other areas of […]

Two Lost Souls

Why do I feel lost whenever lil’ panda is at her fathers? Why do I feel lost when there’s no man in my life? This week something interesting happened, or maybe I just interpreted it as interesting. I have this very good friend in my life, probably the most decent guy I’ve ever met. I’ve […]

Holiday Blues

We somehow managed to survive this long holiday weekend. It was nice to finally celebrate a proper holiday together, surrounded by family. Cannot believe just last year we celebrated Passover over Zoom due to the pandemic and social distancing. The truth is I’m dying to cry but technically can’t. After the whole breakup drama I […]

Dating A Narcissist

The aim of this post is to help other people who might be dealing with a narcissist partner. I had no idea whatsoever I was dealing with one, until it all ended and then I was finally able to look back at our relationship with objective eyes. A person with narcissistic traits (or narcissistic personality […]


You can say the sun is shining if you really want toI can see the moon and it seems so clearYou can take the road that takes you to the stars nowI can take a road that’ll see me through Realistic Closure As oppose to his virtual one. We finally met, after nearly two months. […]

Breakup Toolkit

I don’t pretend to be ok as if I’ve overcome the breakup and everything is great again, nope. It is a process, but I do feel I made some baby steps towards it. Here’s what helped me. See the bigger picture After a breakup, you get so consumed by it… I’ve ran in my mind […]


Truth is I am not doing very well. Way too much communication with him post breakup. While I did get the chance to finally say everything I wanted to say to him, each communication (whether text, call, video call) has taken me backwards, making this process harder than it should be. I am finally able […]